Dorfkrug Cup Season 4 Finals delayed

account_circle Author Jodder schedule Veröffentlicht 28.11.2016, 1:35 Uhr

We are sad to announce that we did not find the time and the place to fit the finals of our forth season into the last month of this year. We will postpone the tournament to the first month of 2017.

Unforseen circumstances and scheduling struggles involving the Dorfkrug and the use by other groups have made it impossible to let the tournament take place in 2016. So we are sad to postpone the tournament to 2017. To a not yet known date.

We will start planning the season 5 of the Dorfkrug Cup in the beginning of December and will publish the date for the finals which will most likely be in january, making the january the first month ever with two BarCraft HL hosted Hearthstone tournaments in one month (Dorfkrug Cup XXIII as first installment of Season 5 and the Finals of Season 4).

We will try to schedule both events in a way, that Season 4 qualifier and the DKCup XXIII will also be a Tavern Hero qualifier but we don't know that definately yet.

So the big question is: Was the Dorfkrug Cup XXI the last BarCraft HL offline event in 2016? And the answer is: Maybe not. We have one non-Dorfkrug-Cup project in development, if it takes place we will let you know in the next days. Also, as it is Tavern Hero Qualifier Season, we are looking into hosting a small non-cycle tournament on the last weekend before Christmas to get another person from our Region into the first season of the 2017 HCT. What do you think about that idea? Write us. or